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‘Short session, fast changes’
(demonstration of how it works)


We had some parts missing in the sound recording, what we’ve tried to replace in the editing. I apologise for some irregularities in the sound of this video.

After being in this demo-session Susan had one (2 hour) session and she gave me a review on Google, where she said:

Jeannette is a person I immediately felt a connection with. She came across as honest, humble and professional. And that made me trust her and wanted to have her help me with some problem areas I would like to improve. I felt a positive change after only one session. So looking forward to continue.

(Susan Dahlberg, Nurse, Moss, Norway)

Before I (Jeannette) started the workshop I was introduced by Lene Kvivisen and Cecilia Svenberg, spoken in Norwegian, and while plugging in my microphone I talked a bit about how we came to do this together. You can see this in the ‘bonus video’.

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Thanks for doing the online workshop YOUR INNER POWER. Do you like to enjoy this live or do any other workshop or individual sessions? Than visit my website via HOME.