My method is a blend of different techniques, like tapping, Faster EFT, NLP and Hypnotherapy.

What is Tapping?

Tapping is striking with the fingers on meridians (energywires in the body). I only tap on the head, the face, arms and the upper body, which causes a deep relaxation. I teach everyone how to practice tapping themselves in all kind of situations and moments of stress, wherefore you can relax yourself more and faster. Tapping facilitates direct communication with your subconscious system and therewith we make room for solving old restrictive patterns.

What is Faster EFT?

Faster EFT (Emotional Focussed Transformation) is also named ‘Eutaptics’ and is a collection of advanced techniques and processes that holds elements of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP, TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercise) and science. Faster EFT is an effective method to remove painful memories and stored emotional ballast from your ‘system’ and to replace it with self affirming emotions and beliefs. This can cause significant changes within a few minutes; liberation and new perspective.

What is NLP?

NLP is the study of succesful behaviour. Where psychologists search for what all is wrong, NLP just watches at what works well so you can practice that even better. NLP means Neuro Linguistic Programming and is developed in the seventies by John Grinder & Richard Bandler, partly based on comparing the human brain with a computer. So it’s a technical approach, but with great effect on the human psyche and emotional experience. Very succesful e.g. in solving phobias and addictions fast and enduring.

Neuro has to do with the brain. In your brain certain patterns are wired that cause you feeling miserable or feeling great.

Linguistic is about language. The language you use to communicate with yourself or others.

Programming means that with language you program your brain to realise that what you really want.

We do it all the time, but unfortunately unconscious and so we create what we do NOT want. If you learn to use this in a proper way

What is Hypnosis?

More often than you might think you are ‘in hypnosis’! When you daydream or get caught in that one special movie or that book. Or if you’re listening to a good story.

An experience like that is called a common or spontanious ‘trance’. Triggers from outside yourself are less tangible for a moment. As a matter of fact you put yourself on a sideway. With your attention you are completely focussed on yourself and the environment is less important.

What is hypnotherapy?

In hypnotherapy hypnosis is therapeutical deployed. A hypnotic state (trance) is revived on purpose as a therapeutic instrument. In contrast to what happens in showhypnosis, you always keep control on yourself. In this therapy you learn to listen to yourself in a different way. Thereby you come closer to your unconscious feelings and beliefs. Therefore you can get new perceptions and apply them this way in your daily life to achieve your goals.

In other words: under professional guidance you get more insight and control over your unconscious responses. Therefore precious abilities in the system of mind and body can be addressed in a better way.

Hypnotherapy is as well a self-contained treatment method as it is a valuable support to the regular and complementary art of medicine.

Will it work for you?

This method treats the total system that defines what you think, how you process your thoughts and how your body reacts. It is a convident system that gives you control over your past, present and future.

You are unique, infinite consciousness and there might be more in you than is expressed right now. You are special, because you are different than the rest. We all have adapted ourselves conscious or not and hereby we’ve taken over (thinking) habits and behaviour. As a newborn you fit yourself into the system: ‘This is how we do it here’. That’s useful for your survival.

But the more we want to ‘be ourselves’ the more we trouble with the old programs. Because that programming is unconscious you can not solve it with logic most of the time. So you bump on your habits, while you want to get rid of them so desperately and that is frustrating. Above that you don’t let go that easy when you don’t know what the alternative is.

Because in Hypnosis and Faster EFT we work in the subconscious we solve perseverent problems, perennial habits, diseases and even addictions surprisingly fast. The root under the problem is, as we say, squared. This even happens painless and is immediately liberating.

Research shows that to really effectuate something, we have to read, see, do, feel, experience something more often. So that means repetition and that’s the reason I offer packages in stead of single sessions. I do not thrive for one Aha Experience, but for everlasting structural change, so that after some sessions your problem is really down.