A relief not to procrastinate

To procrastinate was one of the issues why Sandra approached me online. She’d found my website and wanted work with me. After doing some online sessions I invited her to join me in the Your Inner Power summer retreat in Greece.

Because the group retreat program only happened every morning I could also offer a limited amount of private sessions in the afternoon, which Sandra did two times.

Since I’d worked with Jeannette online, the mutual trust and openness were given. So we could start right away.

Believe me, I don’t regret it!

Then in March 2020 Sandra bought the Premium Package to have an Individual Intensive Retreat. So she took an 8 hours trip by train to my town on Thursday evening and left on Sunday afternoon, to be back home in the evening, ready to work the next morning. And she’d rented an Airbnb studio in my area, from where I picked her up on Friday morning to walk to my office@home. We worked about 16 hours in 3 days. And on Saturday afternoon we had some leisure time in the old city centre.

I came to Den Haag to work with Jeannette again. Believe me, I don’t regret it. For the sessions I had prepared myself with a list of topics to work through in a certain order – admittedly the unpleasant topics at the end. Procrastinate to release the heavy stuff. But everything turned out differently. After listening to my list, Jeannette suggested to Number 1: focus on the more uncomfortable topics. And she immediately started to help me to release and let them go. I am very good at “catastrophizing” and to blow things out of proportion and make a situation worse than it really is.

Lessons learned

My lessons learned, by facing the most intense issues, right from the start: I realized it’s not as bad as I picture it in my mind. I experienced it’s such a relief not to procrastinate. Because it is so much better to do what has to be done as soon as I can. The faster I was confronted with my biggest fears, the faster I could get rid of them. Everything else on my list was easier to let go, because I’d done the most heavy stuff at first. I feel so relieved. And I am so proud of myself. Thanks to Jeannette!

When we talked beforehand on the phone I’d suggested Sandra to bring a list with what she wanted to change in her life. The Premium Package contains 20 hours, which is about 10 sessions. Which means that one session we used to prepair her Weekend Intensive and one session we left for a follow up one week after coming home. This is to check on the results, like in this case: Did you procrastinate lately?

Sandra did not procrastinate to send feedback

  • Before starting the sessions: it makes so much sense to talk about the list of topics first, so you can decide on which one to start
  • I enjoyed the structure of the session itself
  • The warm up you did with your question: “How would you be like?”
  • The actual session and the link to both outcomes
  • Plus the hypnotic boost on the last day
  • It was great, that we were flexible on the time frame of each session
  • Having my own space was essential
  • I liked our day together (the pub we went and the food we had)
  • Having the sessions on the floor …. good stuff!

Thank you again for the sessions! I am so happy that I have done it.
I am sure, that I will come fore sessions again. Maybe this year already. My take away from last time: Having my own space is important. To be able to process everything. Share my topics and thoughts with you in the beginning.
Best wishes and hugs, Sandra

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