Her mastery was clearly effective

“Her mastery of Faster EFT was clearly effective in helping our clients to clean their problems that caused the addiction.”

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Jeff Nash
executive director – Habilitat Inc.
Kaleohe – Oahu – Hawaii


Her mastery of Faster EFT and the addiction protocol was clearly effective in helping our clients. Because she helped them to clean their problems that caused the addiction.

Habilitat is one of America’s most successful licensed long-term substance abuse rehabilitation programs. And as the director I’m always looking for good methods to help people. To clarify, for over 40 years Habilitat has achieved the highest levels of success. And that is because we use a no-nonsense approach. And because we are willing to try non-traditional techniques. In addition, we operate from the belief that addiction is a symptom and it is not the problem.

At first, Habilitat helps people from all social economic backgrounds. Secondly, our clients arrive with high levels of addiction. Further, most of our residents have a history of violent acts, abuse, sexual violation, lenghty incarceration and other forms of degradation. Moreover, they are one of the most difficult populations to help.

Our clients have experienced significant changes

Also in 2015 Robert Smith brought in his top practitioners. In other words, he has been selecting them from around the world to employ his addiction protocol.

It has been my pleasure to have Jeannette as a guest at Habilitat. She is the only one from Holland and one of the worlds Upper Level Advanced practitioners, who have been selected to work in Habilitat. In conclusion, she was working diligently to break the addiction patterns with our residents ,using Faster EFT. And most importantly, our clients have experienced significant internal changes.

Without reservation, we would recommend Jeannette to employ her exceptional skills to any addiction issue. Her confidence, professionalism and dedication are amazing. We were so impressed that we have invited Jeannette back next year to continue this important work with Habilitat. And so she came back and worked here again in the summer of 2016.

Jeff Nash, executive director, Habilitat Inc., Kaleohe, Oahu, Hawaii

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