Emotion Replacement & EEG

Emotion Replacement Therapy is the method, that besides tapping and EFT I use, because the physical touch brings about a response in the unconscious mind. I use that specifically, based on my knowledge and experience in my practice, but actually I follow my intuition.

After years of experiencing all kinds of methods I now mainly use these two techniques:

  1. Tapping & Faster EFT (Emotional Focussed Transformation)
  2. ERT (Emotion Replacement Therapy) & EEG Scientific Hypnotherapy

Therefore the last few years I’ve mainly been trained abroad. And from Tom Silver, I learned a lot about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, like ERT with the use of EEG. For many years is thé authoraty on American TV when it’s about hypnosis. Besides his TV Tom Silver was also consulted in cases of forensic investigation.

He is still doing scientific research in the effects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. In other words, an experienced man in this field, from whom I wanted to learn this profession. He also trained me in hypnosis safety. Recently I recorded a podcast with him. You can see in the right sidebar.

Programmering & reprogrammering

I wanted to know more about hypnosis to be able to see through the possibilities of hypnosis and programming. And to learn how to insert this as a tool to improve. I learned all this a few years and still study it, because it is and can be such an amazing tool for miracles.

Hypnosis is a loaded topic. You can use it to help yourself or someone else and you can mislead someone with it. Politicians are trained in it.

When you tell a lie often enought they finally will start to believe it.

(Josef Goebels)

In case you don’t know, he was Hitler’s minister of propaganda, just to mention a fine example.

Certainly we see every day how hypnosis is used to get people in a state of fear, without showing any evidence of what is said is really true. It’s the way it is said and when you repeat it often enough, it sticks.

Emotion Replacement Therapy (ERT)

When we are triggered by words, smell, sound, image or taste we go unnoticed on the ‘automatic pilot’. You are in trance before you realise it. We do it a lot often and we do it often. We drift away in memories or we worry about the future. When you imagine a fear in your mind often enough it becomes your reality. ERT helps you to change this automatism, so you get better results.

In Emotion Replacement Therapy replace positive emotions the negative ones. It works fast. ERT is a technique, whereby sometimes EEG is used. EEG means Electro Encephalo (brain) Grafics and this a tool for measuring electric activity in the brain, Neuro Feedback.

Elektrodes are sticked on the skin of the head and so the EEG measures potential differences that exist by the ions current in the nerve cells of the brain. The person, who is measured can watch it and get some insight in their own state of creating relaxation. Measuring with EEG is interesting, but is also works without.

Fast, effective and it cost you little effort

Believe it or not, but I’m a nerd and ICT specialist. However I’m one that loves people just a little more than computers. And I have discovered that you can reprogram human beings as well. We can rewrite outdated and dysfunctional programs with good working programs. ERT is comparable with a fast delete-install-antivirus-update session. Like with your computer you have to do that regularly. Otherwise your system will get stuck and you will find hackers on your path.

Because we work in the subconscious we solve persevere problems, perennial habits, even diseases and addictions surprisingly fast. The root under the problem is, as we say, squared. And the hole (where the root sat) will be filled with what your really wish for. This even happens painless and is immediately liberating.