Content clients like to give feedback

Content clients like to talk about what they have experienced. Below you find a selection of the people, who want to share their posive experience in public.

Because I learn from feedback I always ask for it. However, not everybody wants to have it with photo and all on this website, so people only do this exclusively without obligation. Apparently they do tell it in their inner circle, because many of my new clients come via people who have already visited me. Everyone can contact me directly.

I noticed that I have a different attitude towards life. Although there’s still a lot unsure in my life right now, I have no doubt that I can handle it.

Brigida Mota
mechanical engineer
Den Haag – NL

I feel that have so much more choice. I have much more joy and less fear or panic. It feels like a big weight has been taken away from me.

Chantal Quesnel
Kingston – Canada

I’ve got my life back with Jeannette’s help. I really feared that I would be dependent on anti-depressants and sleeping pills for the rest of my life.

Richard Downs
violinist & composer

Her mastery is clearly effective in helping our clients cleaning the problems that have caused the addiction. Her trust and dedication are impressive.

Jeff Nash
executive director
Oahu – Hawaii

This one session saved me a lot of money and misery. When I had not graduated I wouldn’t have this job any longer. And it would have cost me around €2.000,-.

Tintin Joris
taxi driver
Den Haag – Netherlands

My christmas bonus was well spent and the value-for-money is very good. You just need a very few sessions, because it works immediately, so it’s very efficient.

Martina Eicher
project manager
Den Haag – Netherlands

For various reasons people are content

Recently I’ve taken some big decisions. Jeannette is direct, but you can better be honest and come to the core than turn around it. It’s like a clean up.

Kika Treep
music therapist
Den Haag – Netherlands

Trust is the word that comes in my mind, before, during and after working with Jeannette. She is a professional in the true sense of the word.

Andreas Mesarites
managing director
Nicosia – Cyprus

The faster I attack the problem the faster I solve it. After that everything else is easier to approach and let go. I’m relieved and I’m proud on myself.

Sandra Simacek
project manager
Nürnberg – Germany

They are freed from what seemed insoluble

A lot of misery is taken out of me just in one session. Wonderful! I had the diagnosis ADHD and had years of therapy, but that didn’t bring me anywhere.

Anna Tadema
medewerker reclassering
Den Haag – NL

Jeannette’s work is profound, curious, kind, multidimensional and still down to earth. I could almost call it fun! If fun includes some cleansing crying.

Sarah Kotzamani
alignment & mobility trainer Athene – Griekenland

I was really skeptical of the whole thing, so that came as quite a surprise to me. I stopped taking medication, because the need for that was basicly gone. Wow!

Kamran Mirshahi
Londen – Engeland

With profound change you become very content

Jeannette checks if I achieve my goals. She gives everything to help me achieving what I want. She sees and hears me very well and her method is very effective.

Madeleine Kristensen
Copenhagen – Denmark

Amazing workshop in Moss. This direct way of solving stress touched my heart. I did a few sessions and still feel a lot of energy, relaxation and happiness.

Jytte Fischenich
remedial teacher
Moss – Noorway

Jeannette is a woman with balls. Just what I needed! I trusted her immediately from the first moment when we met. She sees me as I am and I feel accepted.

Eline Ferleu
Gent – Belgium