BASIC Package

The BASIC Package offers you 3 in-depth sessions, wherefore you let go persistent patterns in a mild, fast and practical way. As a result your stress decreases and you start doing what you’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You stumble on the same problem again and again! And you’ve tried all kinds of everything. Somewhere you seem to understand and know exactly what you have to do, but still it seems like your smart brain full of logic doesn’t get you anywhere.
  • Or you do see how it could be different, but you don’t make a move, like something is holding you back.
  • Apparently your life looks amazing, but somewhere it’s gnawing, because you know you are capable of doing much more.
  • You do have ideas and plans, but it’s not coming off. Because you doubt too often, too much and too long and you keep ‘hanging in’ somewhere.
  • And of course you know that you eat and/or drink too much. And you stick too long and too late onto your phone, YouTube or netflix, go to bed too late and start the next day less fit than you actually want.
  • You need a push, because all planning, lists and time management programs didn’t make you move at all.

You don’t need to be able to logically explain why it is like it is. If you knew that you’d solved it already by yourself.

Right away I knew I couldn’t fool her

Jeannette is someone I trusted in an instant. And that’s something I usually don’t. And I also knew right away that I couldn’t fool her. She sees me as I really am and I feel totally accepted by her, including all my crazy stunts. Jeannette is a woman with balls. Exactly what I needed!

Eline Ferleu – Gent – Belgium

This BASIC Package gives you insights and makes you free of what hinders you and creates space for what you don’t know yet in your conscious mind.

Unconsciously stuck in the known

Your brain and your body grow and develop every day, every minute, still, but when you are stuck in your thinking you stick to the same patterns. Mosltly these are old learnt habits, beliefs, patterns about yourself and how life works.

Surprising when you realise this and only than you can dump this old shit from your subconsious system. I help you to let this go, wherefore space arises for something different. And you will go full speed to your own goals in life. And you don’t sick any longer in beliefs and judgements that don’t belong to you at all. But are left by your well-meaning parents, teachers, ‘best’ friends, family, collegues, your children, your partners, your ex’s and the rest of the world.

We form our habits
and our habits form us.

She is always capable to build positive replacements

Jeannette is a warm and very thorough specialist who goes to the root of the problem and she is always capable to build positive replacements (for every painful memory). Although you work on serious issues, she’s using humour at the right moment. This makes the session a good job and a funfull experience at the same time.

Connie Yndal Pedersen, danser & trainer, Copenhagen, Denmark

A session is deeply relaxing and I teach you the basics of techniques to help yourself. I share with you tools to move on independently. Unless you DO it of course. As than you will experience changes.

Give yourself the BASIC Package. You’re worthy of it.

All you really need is being incredibly done with yourself and how things go right now, that you are willing to put energy, time and money in yourself. Are you taking 100% responsibility for your life? If the answer is YES you’re welcome! You are worthy of the effort and the investment in yourself!

Listen to Anna’s story of big change after 2 sessions

BASIS Package € 495,- excl. 21% VAT

You can pay this investment in yourself in 1, 2 or 3 installments!

Anita from Denmark calls her first session “a lifetime experience”.