About me and how I saw what my problem was

Who goes outside dreams. Who goes inside awakens.

Carl Gustav Jung

Do you want to solve your problem?

  • For years I sat hatching on solving problems.
  • Many therapies I’ve experienced as a client and as practitioner.
  • But all that looking backwards didn’t make me see how I got in my own way.
  • What – silly enough – did help was falling down and breaking some bones.
  • Only when I couldn’t move or go anywhere, I started to go forward.
  • In a split second I surrendered and let go of what or who I thought I was.  
  • I was lifted up, repaired, carried, driven, washed and fed.
  • By letting go I became sweeter to myself and I stand in the world differently. 
  • Do you want to solve your problem without first breaking your legs?
  • Not only I’ve heard my bones cracking, but I also cracked the code.
  • And that you can read in my book: LEKKER LOS LATEN. We are translating it in English, RELAX & RELEASE.
Do you want to solve your problem? Do your know what your problem is? Problems are to be solved. How do I know I am the problem. What is my problem?

“From an early age I’ve heard I was too blunt, too stubborn and too indipendent. Schoolteachers, family members, collegues and others found that annoying. My clients appreciate it. It helps them putting things in perspective, laugh, relax and release.”

Allereerst is Jeannette van Uffelen een professional in de ware zin van het woord. Omdat ze om je geeft. En ze geeft genoeg om jou om voor iedere sessie volledig voorbereid te zijn.

At first Jeannette is a professional in the true sense of the word. Because she cares for you! And she cares enough to be entirely prepared for every session. No information I give her stays unnoticed or unused. And don’t be fooled by her compassionate listening. She is relentless in acknowledging all mental constructions as she breaks trances and limiting beliefs. Trust is the word that comes in my mind before, during and after my sessions with Jeannette.

Andreas Mesarites – managing director – Nicosia – Cyprus

How do I know exactly what my problem is?

For years I’ve been busy with solving a problem, that in closer perspective I didn’t have. When I was young I started to believe I was fat. And the more diets I followed the fatter I became. At least, that’s what I thought. Do you recognize that? When after 20 years I decided that all that dieting made no sense neither worked, it was solved. In no time I had a good weight that fit with my length.

Maybe you even have been examined by people, you thought knew more about you and your problem. And before you knew you had some ‘stamps’ on your forehead. Also called diagnosis. Or invisible marks at the inside of your head. Most whether or not serious ‘problems’ are the result of not being able or not daring to be who you really want to be.

The biggest problem is that we have learned that we have or are a problem. But what does it actually say about you or me? Is it true? Is there a problem anyway? Is it really about you? About all this I have recently written a beautiful book. This so called problem is just a story. Everyone has a story. And you can change your story.

What is your problem? What exactly is your problem? Is it your problem? Or do the people around you say that you have a problem.

When you understand the problem you haven’t yet solved it

Want ook al begrijp ik hoe het komt dat ik zo denk … lukt het mij nog niet altijd om die manier van doen los te laten. Dat is het gevolg van dat ik mijn leven lang geprogrammeerd ben in denken op een bepaalde manier. Dus steeds als ik niet oplet, doe ik automatisch dat wat ik al jaren doe. Gelukkig snap ik steeds beter hoe het werkt en ben ik me er vaker van bewust.

Eventhough I understand how come I think this way … I don’t always succeed to let go of the way to do it. That is the result of that I’ve been programmed al my life in thinking in a certain way. So when I don’t pay attention, I do automaticly just that what I do since many years. Fortunately I do understand better how it works and I’m more often aware of it.

When I want to change my ‘automatic pilot’ I have to CONSCIOUSLY take action to reprogram my SUBCONSCIOUS program.

  • At first I choose this, because changing via my subconscious system goes much faster.
  • Second because it takes less effort.
  • At third it is much more fun, easier and way more attractive to do so.

Above all it’s absolutely easy to do. The only thing that makes it difficult is that you HAVE TO DO IT. Every day! Until it sits into your system. From then it’s going by itself.

Wij vormen onze gewoontes en onze gewoontes vormen ons.

In case you want to know more about what I offer, click on the menu on ‘work with me’ or buy my book (as soon as it is available in English). Or make an appointment for a free session via phone or skype.

Jeannette is one of the most authentic and honest people I have ever met. You never have to guess what Jeannette is thinking. What you see is what you get. At the same time, her love for life is present in every area of her work and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. I have seen and experienced her work firsthand. I have seen clients that have suffered with a lifetime of trauma walk away from a session with a lightness that they had not ever experienced before. Her ability to understand how the mind processes trauma and codes those events is crucial to creating the change that you are looking for. For Jeannette, this is not just a job, this is her passion. She has changed countless lives for the better with her light and straight forward approach, that makes getting rid of stuff very easy.

Kim Jewell – trauma and anxiety expert – Queensland – Australia

Jeannette is one of the most authentic and honest people I have ever met. Jeannette van Uffelen has changed countless lives for the better with her light and straight forward approach.

Who knows me knows that I …

  • am a fan of my daughter, who brings out the best in me,
  • am a group animal and enjoy my workshops and retreats,
  • sometimes am the loudest and I sing a lot, but also appreciate the silence very much,
  • love sees and ocean and I swim in the sea all through the year,
  • speak, sing, dance, eat and drink the Greek way and preferably all at the same time.
I am stuck. I want to solve my problems by myself. Who is having a problem, me or the other? EFT, Faster EFT eutaptics, hypnotherapy.